Hey there, thanks so much for checking out the Teacher’s Toolkit! It’s vital that you are BOTH educationally and spiritually prepared each day as you enter your school building. Here in the Teacher’s Toolkit, I share some books and resources that I recommend to keep your TEACHER GAME STRONG and your SPIRITUAL LIFE even STRONGER.


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Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

If you are looking to win the war over anxiety and fear, these resources are perfect for you. Each book has a unique and individual perspective on this topic and gives you the practical tips and tools you will need to prevail in this area. 

Anxious for Nothing


Fierce Faith: A Woman's Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety



Overcoming Fear & Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare

The Power of Praying Through Fear

Finding Peace: God's Promose of a Life Free from Regret, Anxiety, and Fear

Faith Building Resources




I love these! You may not always have time to write down scripture, so these are super convenient. Scripture cards like these are great to post at your desk or around your house. 

The True Nature of God

HIGHLY recommend that EVERY BELIEVER read this book! This is absolutely necessary to the foundation of your understanding of God. On my Christian walk I’ve found that so many people misunderstand who God is. This book will show you who He is and who He is NOT.  Definitely must-read.

The New Strong's Concordance

Don’t just read the Bible, study it! In order to gain a true understanding of scripture, we must delve deep into the Word of God. Concordances are fantastic tools for studying the Bible.